Beverage Drawing Service


Our company specializes in the supply of wine in lt 25 kegs and drawing systems from 2 to 8 taps, refrigerated or not, which are delivered on loan for free use. In addition to wine, we supply nitrogen and CO2 cylinders necessary for drawing and the 1/2/3/5 liter containers, all on a weekly basis without the need for a minimum order quantity. We therefore offer a complete service, including free assistance in case of system failure, following the sales process in all its phases, from order to delivery to the customer's premises. Our aim is indeed to fully satisfy the customer: this is why we do not limit ourselves to the product offer but to a level service that accompanies the product.

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We have over 100 facilities located in supermarkets, bakeries and fruit and vegetables of Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.The wine qualities available in the keg are: 2 sparkling white wines, 2 sparkling red wines, 2 still white wines, 2 still red wines and 1 sparkling rosé wine. We also supply kegs of Beer and Coke, but also bottled water for town and private fastivals.

Sanitation of plants

The current rules (HACCP) require the operator of a public exercise to sanitize the drawing systems to guarantee the consumer. Furthermore, this procedure is extremely important to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and the quality of the product unaltered. For this reason we personally provide professionalism and competence to perform a correct sanitization of the drawing systems.

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Technical assistance

Those who choose us as a commercial partner are guaranteed a complete service, including free technical assistance in the event of system breakdowns. The repairs are carried out directly by the company staff, without the intervention of third parties, thus ensuring a rapid service.

Provision for events

We supply drawing systems also for the organization of festivals, events and private parties, ensuring the relative assistance for the entire duration of the event. Our catalog, which in addition to wine provides beer, coke, etc. allows you to have our company as the only partner for the supply of the beverage, greatly limiting waste of time and money. On request we also provide the supply of tables and benches.

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