Acquerello rice aged 1 year – 250g

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Acquerello rice is a unique Carnaroli in the world, grown, processed and packaged in the Colombara Estate, in the heart of Piedmont.

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Acquerello is a Carnaroli rice that combines simplicity in cooking and the taste of white rice with the typical nutritional elements of brown rice.

After the harvest, the rice is aged for 1 year in refrigerated silos; thanks to this process the starch stabilizes and during cooking it disperses less, thus increasing the rice’s ability to absorb the seasonings.

During processing, the gem, a vital part of the rice containing most of the vitamins and microelements, is separated from the grain, but thanks to a patented process in Acquerello it is reintegrated.

For these reasons it is a rich, healthy, tasty rice suitable for any type of recipe!

Packaging: 250g tin

Manufacturer: Acquerello

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