Spumante Brut Marai de Marai

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MARAI de MARAI stems from a blend of grapes native to the hills of the Alto Trevigiano region of Italy. The long-standing commitment of Foss Marai in the reclamation of disused native vines and experimentations in the vine-growing field has given rise to MARAI de MARAI Brut, a highly fruity, light and harmonious spumante wine.

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Winery Foss Marai
Region Veneto
Wine list Sparkling wine
Appellation Brut Sparkling wine
Alcohol 11,00% vol.
Bottle size 0,75 l
Style Light and fruity
Serving suggestion Elegantly versatile, it is an inviting drink at all times of day. It has a delicate dry flavour.
Serving temperature 6,5-7°C

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